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Business Loan

The initial period is most difficult for a new business startup. Get working capital, cash credit facility and other loans from Saare Bank after just a year of operations. Get loans to match your specific needs. Our tailor made loans for SMEs let you choose the option most convenient and suitable for your business.

The Need For A Business Loan

Whether you are planning to diversify your venture or expand its scope, you need enough finances for the same. Business loans enable you to implement your plans without eating into the profits of your existing business or risking your personal savings. A business loan can offer the requisite financial solution to help you achieve your short term and long term business goals, without the threat of a crippling interest rate.

The Parameters For Getting A Business Loan

If you own a legitimate business that offers you a decent income, you can apply for a business loan. Our experts help you to understand the criteria that banks use to access your loan application. The most important of these are listed below.

  • The type of business you run, i.e. whether it is a partnership, proprietorship, a private ltd company or a public ltd one.
  • Current turnover of your venture
  • Actual profits earned by the business
  • Cash flow for the venture
  • Credibility and track record of your establishment

As our experts will tell you, these factors also play a critical role in determining whether or not your loan application is approved and the actual loan amount you can get.

Get The Saarebank Advantage

We at SaareBank offer you complete details about the documentation and other formalities you need to complete in order to ensure the approval of your loan application. We also provide reliable solutions in case of any issues that you might be facing with the application process to make it easy and hassle free. Most importantly we help you to compare the different features of individual loan packages offered by financial institution to make you capable of taking an informed decision after accessing all the pros and cons. Our team of financial experts makes every effort to provide you with the most beneficial loan packages based on your specific business needs and personal profile.

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