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Being an initiative of Investors World, we assure to keep up the features of high level of confidence and reliability in all our services. Listed below are some of the advantages that you tend to tend to get by choosing us.

We are a DSA of 21 banks and offer facilities to compare their products and NBFC.

We offer reliable and personalized banking advice through expert financial professionals.

You can apply online for best home loan offers and also get real time application status.

We focus on keeping all your financial issues completely confidential and developing a relationship based on trust.


Saare Bank is an online portal established and operated by the well known, Investors World, which in turn comprises of 50 smart and young professionals from IT and finance sectors. Their extensive expertise in their respective fields helps he members of Investors World to offer reliable financial solutions and value added financial services to a wide range of clients. Although Investors World initially focused on providing services in the sectors of life insurance, mutual funds and fixed deposits, they expanded their services in Apr 2012 to cover mortgage and loan facilities as well.

The online initiative of Saare Bank intends to focus on marketing and lead generation. The portal also helps in creating awareness about the various financial products offered by diverse financial institutions, among the general public. This enables the customers seeking the various products to compare the similar financial products offered by different providers.


Our management team at Saare Bank comprises of veteran bankers and home grown entrepreneurs. These expert professionals hail from renowned establishments such as ICICI, HDFC, Standard Chartered, ABN AMRO, UB Group, Thomas Cook and Park Royal International. Their years of experience and extensive knowledge about the various aspects of financial dealings enables Saare Bank to offer the most beneficial and credible financial solutions to clients in accordance with their individual requirements.

Our expert advisors and customer service executives are chosen with utmost care and after careful consideration of their academic and professional qualifications. All our employees and support staff is made well-aware our client-centric services and serve you in a personalized manner. Irrespective of whether you are a corporate client seeking business loan or a common individual seeking information about mutual funds, we offer you the most beneficial solutions to overcome diverse financial issues.

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